Registration to Mergado

How user accounts in Mergado work

Similarly like Google. The user registers. Then you can create e-shops and exports or getting access to them from other users. You pay for e-shops. User accounts are therefore always free.

Why you need to fill out so much information

Because this information we might need someday. Maybe for an invoice for services consumed or to send you a notice. Mergado not send drivel - when we send something, it's important. Perhaps in a case we want to remind you that your e-shop is not working.

Plea to conclusion

Please insert the correct information. A common problem is that the customer wonders why he does not get invoices and his e-shop is therefore turned off. And then we find out that the contact e-mail says something like "". And who knows whether the e-mail set is forwarded to his e-mail inbox, which he actually reads.
We are looking forward to cooperate with you! Please continue to sign up Mergado.

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